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Apr. 1st, 2017 06:13 pm
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Apropos of nothing, Animorphs and Andromeda could totally be set in the same universe. Z-Space is essentially the same thing as the slipstream. Okay, when the Animorph kids end up in Z-Space they perceive it as a blank white nothingness, which isn't exactly consistent with the quantum strings we see when Andromeda and other ships travel through the slipstream, but that can be chalked up to visualization technology developed to help slipstream pilots navigate more easily.

Given the three-thousand-year gap between the two series, a straightforward crossover still wouldn't be very easy to navigate so I'm not really sure what to do with this idea.

(Also, Vedrans are vaguely similar to Andalites. Offshoot species? Or maybe all bluish centaur-like species look related to me.)
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This post is mostly for my own reference.

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I kinda suck at social media lately, and I'm sorry. :/ I think I've officially failed at my New Year's resolution to post here more often, even absolving myself of that whole land-of-no-Internet period. I HAVE TO GET BETTER AT THIS.

Things that are going on:

- Today I am relistening to old episodes of Animorphs: The Radio Drama (Uncensored!) because there are no new episodes because I feel like it. It's been a while. I'd almost forgotten how much I love these guys. I now kind of want to listen to them read one of the books while I follow along and annotate an e-book copy with their comments, but on the other hand that sounds like a lot of work for someone as lazy as me.

- Yuletide nominations start soon, and I am, indeed, planning to participate in Yuletide for the second time and nominations for the first time; SUPER EXCITING. (I may also have failed my write-more-fic resolution for the year. I don't remember what the exact wording of it was. But it hasn't exactly been a banner year for productivity.)

- It's almost time for first-run TV shows to come back! According to the app I depend on to tell me these things, Sleepy Hollow premieres in a week, Castle comes back in two weeks, Elementary comes back three days later, Once Upon A Time returns three days after that, and then a bit later Once Upon A Time In Wonderland and Almost Human premiere. So. That should give me stuff to post about. (Fingers crossed for greatness. Three new shows is a lot for me to try picking up at once; hopefully at least one hooks me, although it would be super awesome if they all do.) (Other new shows I am vaguely planning to try: Star-Crossed on the CW, because Robert Hewitt Wolfe on staff, and Girl Meets Boy, because Boy Meets World sequel, but I don't know when either one of them premieres). I am also super excited about spoilers I've seen for Elementary and Once Upon A Time; haven't seen spoilers for Castle, but fingers crossed there, too.

- It's still almost two months until NaNoWriMo but I'm getting nervous about it already. I have the bare bones of an idea and slightly more development on the two main characters; I keep poking at it and mostly coming up with things that aren't going to be useful (if they ever are) until I'm well into Plot.

- I am super behind on the marathoning-old-shows-that-are-new-to-me project (specifically HIMYM at the moment); for various personal reasons I kind of just lost momentum and haven't gotten back to it. I need to do that. That was a New Year's resolution, too. I need to accomplish at least a few of these things.

- In personal news, I'm still unemployed but have resumed trying to learn how to drive. So. Maybe that will be helpful.

- I apologize for the length of this post.
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'Cause I haven't done one of these in a while.

From [ profile] fannish5:

Five favorite comfort reads: books or stories you turn to when you're sick or feeling down.

In no particular order, and coincidentally also (mostly) the books I own that are most falling apart:
- The Princess Bride
- The Sandman: A Parliament Of Rooks
- Animorphs: Megamorphs #2: In The Time Of Dinosaurs
- The Phantom Tollbooth
- Discworld: Guards, Guards!

I don't know what this list says about me.
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Finally got hold of the sixth Animorphs re-release. Still don't have the third one. I swear I've gone into at least six different bookstores since #3 came out and found every re-released Animorphs book available except that one.

Anyway, slightly boggling over the following update.

Original text:

"How long do you think this will take?" Rachel asked. She checked her watch. "I set the VCR for two of my favorite shows, but I forgot to tape the movie of the week."

"I'm taping it in case you miss it," Cassie said.

Updated text:

"How long do you think this will take?" Rachel asked. She checked her watch. "I set the TV to record two of my favorite shows, but I forgot to record the movie of the week."

"I'm recording it in case you miss it," Cassie said.

I mean, yes, I totally understand updating the VCR reference, a lot of the now-target-demographic may not even know what a VCR is. Or at least not how to use one. Or at least, you know, laugh at anyone who would suggest using it to record TV. And substituting "record" for "tape" makes sense when no one uses tapes anymore.

But then you leave in "the movie of the week"?

Do they still have movies of the week?

I don't even remember if they had movies of the week in '97 when The Capture was originally published.

... I'm not sure I ever watched a movie of the week.
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The bad: I hit up the local Barnes & Noble intending to use the gift card in my money clip to get caught up on the three Animorphs re-releases I didn't yet own. But they didn't have The Encounter. Curse you, B&N! Are you prejudiced against hawks? Is that what this is?
I did pick up The Message and The Predator, though. And spent entirely too long dwelling over the DVR reference and the change from "Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood" to "Sesame Street" in the beginning of The Message.


Two missing Doctor Who episodes have been recovered! They are not episodes from serials noted for their high writing quality, but WHO CARES ONE/VICKI/STEVEN AND TWO/BEN/POLLY/JAMIE I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW


I honestly didn't really expect them to find any more of the missing episodes in my lifetime, but THERE YOU GO, TWO OF THEM AT ONCE.

Clearly we need to be running Public Service Announcements and getting people to scour their attics and basements and storage closets looking for other episodes.

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Look what came in the mail today!!! SO EXCITED. Also, the covers look way better in person then they do in pictures. Creepy and unsettling the way morphing should be.

I'm actually really impressed by how they handled re-editing the text. I've only finished reading The Invasion, but so far the only changes I've noticed have been continuity-based, not time-period-based -- the KASU about how thought-speak works has been fixed, and Elfangor and Visser Three's first conversation has been edited to be canon-compliant with The Andalite Chronicles, and it's all very low-key and close to the original. Admittedly there aren't a lot of pop culture references or contemporary tech in that one to be updated, but what's there stayed the same.

I do wonder how they're going to manage book #16, though.

ETA: Okay, into book two and hit a tech update. 'listening to your CD player' has been replaced with 'listening to music', which, if they have to update, I approve of; it takes out the archaic 'CD player' reference, since I doubt there's a lot of preteen kids running around with portable CD players these days, but doesn't insert 'mp3 player' or 'iPod' so I can still pretend this is happening in the 90s. It's vague in a good way.
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Warning: Excessive Animorphs squee and flail ahead.

Seriously, guys, if you have any love for Animorphs at all, go check out Scholastic's new website. They have pictures of all the cover models so you can actually see what they look like!

(Verdict: The Tobias model is...ehhhh. :| But oh man I really love the new Rachel model. She's perfect. Marco is awful. At least he's smirking, that's a good sign, but other than that he doesn't look like Marco at all. Cassie is almost perfect but needs a haircut; Cassie does not have long hair. Jake is fine, I have no strong feelings about him either way.)

slightly more spoilery thoughts from the character profiles. Can you have spoilers for a nineties kids' book series that is now being updated for the new millennium? )

The "morph a character" animations are...pretty ridiculously awful.

According to the "Which morph are you?" quiz, I'm Tobias. COLOR ME SURPRISED.

The discussion guide is fantastic, omg. I'm laughing to myself about the questions so much. So so much.

Also, the official book trailer, which is also hilarious and awesome, and you can order the first two books from Scholastic's website and they'll ship now, despite Amazon listing them as not released until May; a few people on [ profile] animorphs have already gotten their copies. (I just ordered mine today and I am so excited omg. When they get here you will be subjected to even more of my dorkish nineties-kid squee.)

You know, I thought I was past this stage in my life but evidently not: I LOVE YOU, SCHOLASTIC.
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I have just been hit by a sudden and intense but admittedly ridiculous desire for fic in which Tobias from Animorphs and Matthew from The Sandman meet and talk. About. Stuff. IDK.

Really, I don't even know, I just know I want it.

icon meme!

Jan. 16th, 2011 05:43 pm
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'Cause I can never resist.

* Reply to this post with ICON ME! and I will pick five of your icons.
* Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
* Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
* This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee...

Icons chosen by [ profile] othercat:

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I just realized I totally failed to pimp this news out here, and now I am properly ashamed of myself.

Official details on the Animorphs relaunch! Includes an (way-too-fast) animation of what the lenticular cover of book #1 looks like!


Also, Hirac Delest broke down the animation into its constituent frames so you can actually, y'know, see stuff, and I approve of the new Jake model. His coloring is fairer than the Jake in my head but he has a Responsible Chin and that is clearly the important part. Now I just need to see the models for the rest of the kids...
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Tobias turned. Turned to look at me.
<Tobias, it's me, Rachel. Listen to me, it's Rachel.>
I was using one paw to hold my own wound closed. The pain was intense. But the fear was greater. I saw the look in Tobias's eyes.
<Tobias, you are human. You are human. Get control of the morph!>
He advanced toward me. He was hungry. The others advanced just a step behind him.
<Tobias! Listen to me. You are a human being! It's me, Rachel. Your friend. You are human, you ...>
No, I realized. No, that was wrong, wasn't it?
<Tobias. You are a hawk. You are a red-tailed hawk. Remember your wings? Remember flying? Flying high on the thermals?>
His deadly jaw was inches away. He stopped. He tilted his head. And suddenly, his entire body seemed to shudder.
<Rachel?> he said.
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So today I:

> Got shot down for a job. THAT'S ALWAYS FUN. :|
> Acquired a new pair of jeans. This particular pair fits well in the waist and also is comfortable in the knees. They're a little too long, but, well, two out of three ain't bad. (Especially given that it's now the only pair of jeans I own that fits two-out-of-three criteria.)
> Took a break from Merlin to marathon The Guild, which I am now caught up on, wheee. I don't know that I'll ever be a dedicated fan of it, but it was a fun marathon and I'm gonna try and keep up with it. ...also, just being able to cross something off my List Of Shows To Watch is pretty satisfying, ngl.

Now I'm going to continue my brief break from Merlin in order to get caught up on Animorphs: The Radio Drama (Uncensored!).

So, uh, I guess there's more positive than negative, yayyy.
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☆ Some generous application of zipties later, I am now able to run my EHDs without worrying endlessly about the dog pulling cables out. Yay, zipties! Almost as useful as gaffe tape.

☆ ARD:U has updated their site with three more books. *bounces* I want them to update more regularly, man, all that time spent without those guys in my life makes me sadface.

☆ Thanks to the ~magic~ of MyCokeRewards giving me stuff for drinking as much soda as I would anyway, I am now the proud owner of some fairly nice wireless headphones. I love free stuff, it's awesome.

☆ Current DW spoilers being leaked are adorable and happymaking.

☆ Yesterday I wrote about a thousand words in Better Than It Sounds, which objectively speaking isn't that much but it got me up to the band breakup, which I have been struggling to get through for, like, a couple months. It's been a major writing block and I finally got through it and that is very yay.

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You know what I want Doctor Who to go back to? Overlapping Companions.

In the new series, we've had Companion teams sometimes - Rose & Adam, Rose & Jack, Rose & Mickey, Rose & Sarah Jane, Martha & Jack, Donna & Martha, Donna & Martha & Jenny - but there's never any overlap. There's never been anything like 'Babs & Ian join the Doctor and Susan, they have adventures, Susan leaves, the Doctor & Babs & Ian have adventures, Vicki joins the Doctor & Babs & Ian, they have adventures, Babs & Ian leave, the Doctor & Vicki have adventures, Steven joins, etc.' Instead, we have Rose joins the Doctor, maybe there is a temporary Companion B who leaves after an episode or two, Rose leaves the Doctor, the Doctor emos about being lonely, Martha joins the Doctor. That's all we've gotten from the new series (with, obv, names swapped out regularly).

It's always last one in, first one out. And that's not an inherently bad formula, but it's gotten very repetitive. Bring back overlapping Companions! Just to break it up.

It would also mean we'd have to have more Team TARDIS groups, but that has nothing to do with my wanting it, noooo.

(Also, I was rewatching The War Games today, and hee. Remember when the sonic screwdriver did stuff like drive screws?)

(ALSO also, but completely unrelated, have some Animorphs-related YAY)
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Word count: 30,711

Tess is completely unable to tell when Liam and Conor are messing with her head. It's cute. <3

I'm behind on my word count, but if I hit 32,000 tonight and average 2,000 words a day for the rest of November, I can still make it! ...let's see if that happens. :/

Good news time: I have almost finished my RL Christmas shopping! I'm doing it all online but that's irrelevant! My mom is the only one I haven't bought for yet, and I'm pretty sure I know what's I'm getting her. (Related: FLIST. WISHLISTS. Pls? :O ) Animorphs is apparently being rereleased in 2012 with new covers and (possibly) somewhat modernized content! There are new Doctor Who spoiler filming pics on the Internet!

That's a lot of exclamation points!

UNRELATED: Please assure me that other people on my flist who are not me play/have played/are aware of the existence of the game Egyptian Ratscrew? ...please?
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Day made! OMG. So cool. NGL it made me so ridiculously happy to find this in my e-mail. :D :D :D

In related news, ARDU has updated with the first installment of "The Pretender"!

In unrelated news, poking at eBay and re: the Pogues albums I'm missing, and found the EPs, of all things. *flail* Six bucks for the Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah EP on CD. I can't justify spending much money right now, given that whole "unemplyed" thing, but...six bucks. That's so not bad. Right?
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LJ's server going down makes me NOT HAPPY. DISTINCTLY NOT HAPPY.


Anyway...on a brighter note...the ARD:U boys got the rest of The Reaction uploaded to their site! Very excited. I love them so much, I miss them during the hiatus. They win at everything. SO MUCH LOVE YOU GUYS. SO MUCH. (The link for part 3 is wrong, but manually changing it will get you the right track.) It's SO WEIRD hearing a girl contribute. Weird, but awesome.

Um. I don't think I've given my opinions on Glee here yet? But to sum up, I enjoyed the preview/pilot. It has problems, which I hope will get fixed in the series proper. I watched the leaked version, not the aired version, and I've heard mixed reviews from people who've watched both -- some say the leaked version flows better and provides more important information, some say the aired version cuts out the denser or less important parts. Not having seen both, I don't know, but yeah, enjoyed it. I am preemptively loving Tina and Kurt best. We'll see how that works out.

There is the slight problem that I already had a 'glee' tag for things that have nothing to do with the show of that name. ;D

Unrelated: I think my research addiction is getting a bit out of hand. I spent a good chunk of today researching video game consoles and console wars for the BTIS verse. The only problem with that? Nothing that requires that research will come up until way later in the timeline than I am. (If you would like to contribute opinions, have at. I know next to nothing about video game consoles, even after researching, which is a problem when two key characters are diehard gamers. I win at attempting to write stuff I have no background for.)