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Hello, Bill, I love you already.

Doctor Who 10x01 The Pilot )

Also I love everything about the coming-up-this-season trailer. ♥
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A brief update on my status on LJ:

For the time being I will continue to use LJ. I'm not thrilled about this decision given recent developments, but...inertia. I wish I had a better excuse, but, no, it's inertia; I have a lot of history on this journal and I'm reluctant to give it up. I have a permanent account and have since before the Russian handover, so at least they're not getting any money from me, even via advertising.

That said:

I'm in the process of re-importing to my astonishingly underused Dreamwidth account (as is everyone else, so it's going to take some time), and I will make the effort to crosspost new content between the two. I've never gotten into the hang of using DW the way I do LJ, but this might be the push I need. If you're on DW, I'm there as chicafrom3, naturally.

I am active on Twitter, again as chicafrom3, albeit mostly retweeting and currently mostly political stuff; Twitter is where I go to have meltdowns about how the world is ending in the worst ways possible.

I'm also on Imzy, once again as chicafrom3, and while so far I've been mostly a lurker, I'm going to try to be more active; I think I might start using my personal community the way I've been using my LJ. (Sooo...intermittent posts about Doctor Who?)

And I'll continue to be as active on Archive Of Our Own as I have been, which is not very active at all. (I'm detecting a pattern here.)

If you are on one of these sites and would like to be friends there as well, or if you think there's somewhere else on the Internet I should be, let me know.

March Media

Apr. 1st, 2017 06:13 pm
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Individual thoughts:

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So I went and saw the live-action Beauty And The Beast today!

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...and then I came home and made mint M&M cookies, so, you know, big day. By my measly standards.
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I've been reading through the Doctor Who Target novelizations in broadcast order, and I've just finished The Chase, Barbara and Ian's last adventure, which seems like a good place to pause for some thoughts.

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Individual thoughts:

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I've decided to start doing monthly roundups of the media I consume, because...reasons.

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And now for some personal reflections on that media.

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A couple days late, but the world is terrible enough, I don't see the harm in postponing the end of something that's all sweetness and light for a couple days.

Girl Meets World 3x21 Girl Meets Goodbye )
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It's official, Girl Meets World has been canceled by Disney after three seasons. :(

In the immediate wake of this news is this week's episode, if it can be so called, "World Meets Girl", part clip show, part Q&A, part fan appreciation, part behind-the-scenes special. It's a very sweet hour of TV and I admit I got teary-eyed, particularly over the spotlight on fan BFFs at the end, but I don't have much to say about it? It's not part of the narrative, in any case, but absolutely worth a watch if you like getting emotional over children's TV. (I do.)

There are only two episodes left of the series.

I'm getting emotional about it.
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This is kind of late, given that reveals happened yesterday, but I was originally intending to read through the whole main archive before posting. Given that I am so far only through the Is in the fandom list, if I waited to get through the whole archive this would get posted just in time for next Yuletide.

So instead I'm just going to say that you should check out Opportunity, the absolutely lovely Within The Wires Hester/Oleta fic I received -- it's mainly a character study of Oleta post-Institute, and it's eerie and sweet and wonderful and everything I could've asked for.

You should also check out St. Cedd's Most Wanted, a Madness treat I received for the Dirk Gently series, concerning Dirk Gently, Richard MacDuff, and their university days; it's adorable and perfectly in-character.

(Also, I wrote three fics: It's Only The End Of The World, for Constantine (TV) and set during the apocalpyse; Kissing Don't Last (Cooking Do), for Monstrous Regiment and concerning Shufti (and her feelings for Polly); and Life Doesn't Discriminate (Between Sinners And Saints), for The X-Files: Deviations comic, about Samantha Mulder's life in the wake of her brother's abduction. So, you know, those exist.)

It was an excellent Yuletide and I still have more than half of the main archive and virtually all of the Madness archive to read through!
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Oh my God 2016 is nearly over and it sucked and I'm terrified of what 2017 is going to bring.

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things that didn't suck in 2016 because I have to remember there were some )

And then there were a bunch of things that made the year suck, but you already know all of that, I don't have to recap it, maybe the species that inherits the Earth next will never realize just how much we as a species sucked and will instead just wonder why this seemingly pretty advanced civilization didn't do anything about climate change and how did they manage to wipe themselves out anyway maybe it was an asteroid or a famine or something.

Some stats are available at Goodreads (shortest book: 3 pages; longest book: 640 pages) and (average 8 scrobbles per day; 59% new artists), in the unlikely even that you're interested.
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Doctor Who 10x00 The Return Of Doctor Mysterio )

And then there was the season 10 teaser.

I hope someone somewhere on the Internet is breaking it down/has already broken it down into its constituent parts because between the glee over sustained Bill footage and the way it was edited I'm sure I missed most of it.

But, dude, seriously, BILL. I'm so looking forward to her and finding out everything about her and seeing what she and the Doctor are like together.

I'm ready for the change!
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Doctor Who 04x03x06 Power Of The Daleks: Episode Six )

Happy Christmas Eve/first day of Hanukkah/Dec 24, everyone! I'm off to do some Yuletide reading now!
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I got to see Star Wars: Rogue One today!

I also managed to see it relatively unspoiled. I had seen the various trailers, of course, and also the headline of one article that said "how did they manage to pull of that last scene?", but otherwise, I knew very little about it aside from the obvious implied by the premise.

Spoilers under the cut.

Rebellions are built on hope. )

I'm running out of words.

I wanna see it again.
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Doctor Who 04x03x02 Power Of The Daleks: Episode Two )