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This is kind of late, given that reveals happened yesterday, but I was originally intending to read through the whole main archive before posting. Given that I am so far only through the Is in the fandom list, if I waited to get through the whole archive this would get posted just in time for next Yuletide.

So instead I'm just going to say that you should check out Opportunity, the absolutely lovely Within The Wires Hester/Oleta fic I received -- it's mainly a character study of Oleta post-Institute, and it's eerie and sweet and wonderful and everything I could've asked for.

You should also check out St. Cedd's Most Wanted, a Madness treat I received for the Dirk Gently series, concerning Dirk Gently, Richard MacDuff, and their university days; it's adorable and perfectly in-character.

(Also, I wrote three fics: It's Only The End Of The World, for Constantine (TV) and set during the apocalpyse; Kissing Don't Last (Cooking Do), for Monstrous Regiment and concerning Shufti (and her feelings for Polly); and Life Doesn't Discriminate (Between Sinners And Saints), for The X-Files: Deviations comic, about Samantha Mulder's life in the wake of her brother's abduction. So, you know, those exist.)

It was an excellent Yuletide and I still have more than half of the main archive and virtually all of the Madness archive to read through!
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Dear Yuletide Writer:

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MERRY CHRISTMAS IF YOU CELEBRATE IT, MERRY DECEMBER 25TH OTHERWISE. Or December 26th, depending on your time zone.

Aside from the fact that I'm still sick (IT'S BEEN TWO MONTHS THAT IS TOO LONG FOR THIS STUPID COLD TO STICK AROUND) and that it's ridiculously warm, it's been a pretty great Christmas so far.

My brother went all-out on gifts and pretty much completed my Neil Gaiman collection (INCLUDING THE DELUXE EDITION OF THE SANDMAN OVERTURE) plus some baking-related stuff I've been wanting, my sister and her family got me a Netflix gift card that will pay for my account for like four months and a bit, and the parents got me some nice clothes (including an EXCELLENT scarf that I really wish it wasn't way too warm to wear), a beautiful coloring book and nice colored pencils, and Into The Woods on blu-ray. I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT ALL OF THIS. Also a bunch of people at work gave me various kinds of food. Thank you, people at work!

And everyone seemed really pleased with what I got them which is AWESOME. (I am the world's most insecure gift-giver. Even when I'm buying people things they've specifically said they want. WHAT IF THEY CHANGED THEIR MIND?!)

Also, YULETIDE. I've barely made a dent in the archive as a whole, but I received two gifts and they're both INCREDIBLE: y a lo exterior regresan las cosas en ti ocultas, an utterly gorgeous Sense8 fic about Lito and Capheus connecting that manages to combine everything I ever wanted and does it beautifully, and Start Here, a fantastically adorable Girl Meets World fic about Zay meeting the guy of his dreams on his first day of college that just about kills me with cute.

Happy December 25th!
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Merry Christmas Eve to everyone who celebrates Christmas, and Happy December 24th to everyone else! (Unless it's December 25th in your time zone. Then Merry Christmas and/or Happy December 25th!)

I have Andes Mint brownies and I got two amazing and very different fics for Yuletide, so I'm having a pretty great December 24th.

The stories in question:
More than we know, a Hellblazer fic focusing on Cheryl through the years, particularly her relationships with Gemma and John. The author has a really great grasp of Cheryl's voice, and everything about it feels right.

Where We've Been, a Ghostwriter fic in which Lenni and Jamal reunite twelve years post-canon. It's bittersweet with a really fantastic happy ending, and the futures the author has imagined for the characters is strikingly perfect.
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So Yuletide reveals happened; I wrote this Boxcar Children fic, if anyone was like super curious about that. Verdict on Chica's first Yuletide: I enjoyed it, and will probably do it again. ♥

On a separate note, have I discussed current Once Upon A Time spoilers yet? Because there are apparently going to be flashbacks of Belle and Mulan going adventuring in Fairytale Land. I mean. Belle and Mulan going adventuring. That is so relevant to my interests I can't even explain how awesome it sounds. There is no possible way they can fail to live up to that, right? Belle and Mulan going adventuring together!

Basically I just hate it when all my shows are on hiatus, it's very frustrating.
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In addition to my main Yuletide fic, I also received a Madness treat!! All In Your Hands, another Once fic, this one an absolutely gorgeous and heartbreaking study of the Girl and her reasons for not showing up to see the Guy as she promised she would.

I am experiencing all kinds of flail here ♥♥♥
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Merry Christmas!

1) We did a small family gift exchange this morning and will have a small family dinner later today; the rest of the traditional family Christmas celebration is being postponed to early January, when the whole family (including both siblings) can be present. Yay! Gifts received included: The Swell Season on DVD, an Irish/English dictionary, hot chocolate, new boots. Very nice. :D

2) Yuletide fics are up! My gift is here, and it's wonderful; a Once/Doctor Who crossover, wherein the Guy encounters the Doctor after moving to London, and things proceed from there. I'm working my way through the rest of the collection now, but am still filled with glee by this one fic. ♥♥♥ (Also, my recipient responded positively to their gift, so that is also filling me with glee.)

3) Doctor Who. OH DOCTOR WHO. Doctor Who I don't know how this is being numbered: The Snowmen )