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This is kind of late, given that reveals happened yesterday, but I was originally intending to read through the whole main archive before posting. Given that I am so far only through the Is in the fandom list, if I waited to get through the whole archive this would get posted just in time for next Yuletide.

So instead I'm just going to say that you should check out Opportunity, the absolutely lovely Within The Wires Hester/Oleta fic I received -- it's mainly a character study of Oleta post-Institute, and it's eerie and sweet and wonderful and everything I could've asked for.

You should also check out St. Cedd's Most Wanted, a Madness treat I received for the Dirk Gently series, concerning Dirk Gently, Richard MacDuff, and their university days; it's adorable and perfectly in-character.

(Also, I wrote three fics: It's Only The End Of The World, for Constantine (TV) and set during the apocalpyse; Kissing Don't Last (Cooking Do), for Monstrous Regiment and concerning Shufti (and her feelings for Polly); and Life Doesn't Discriminate (Between Sinners And Saints), for The X-Files: Deviations comic, about Samantha Mulder's life in the wake of her brother's abduction. So, you know, those exist.)

It was an excellent Yuletide and I still have more than half of the main archive and virtually all of the Madness archive to read through!
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I just finished reading Crosstalk, and now I'm sitting here having slightly confused thoughts about how much Connie Willis is able to bypass all of my hangups about certain tropes and appeal directly to my id anyway.

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Consider this a formal if slightly incoherent recommendation, if you're interested in book recommendations.
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Like legit snow, like four inches, not like usual North Carolina ~snow. I know four inches is not objectively a lot, but this is coastal North Carolina.

My mom was supposed to fly up to New York today to visit the older sister for a week but her flight was postponed 'til tomorrow because of the snow.

So yeah.

Er, in other news...

- I am doubtful about the validity of the LOST 'leaked first four minutes of 5x01'. Mostly based on the fact that virtually none of it is new footage.

- I have unexpectedly scored a $15 iTunes gift card. I have so far spent ~$5 of it (I got Raul Esparza singing O Holy Night and I am attempting to rent The Great Muppet Caper because I am a geek but it's having some difficulty downloading). Any recommendations on what to spend the remaining $10 on?

- [ profile] bwaydaily's general consensus on Corbin Bleu appears to be that he's surprisingly good as Usnavi. I am so curious about his performance, negl.

- There is webcomic wank at fandom_wank, omg. It's hilarious. But someone in the comments linked to Darths & Droids and I spent last night archive-binging. Tragic, really. I'm now caught up and subscribed to the RSS feed. Are there any other webcomics I should be reading but am not? Because I should really just get all the archive-binging out of the way at once.