chicafrom3: photo of the TARDIS (tv: dw: polly/ben)
Lesterson's complete and total breakdown is fantastic, but you know what would've made it even better? Facial expressions.

(They actually managed to give him facial expressions during his meltdown in episode 4, so I don't know why they went back to the blank/deadpan expression this week. The man's upset, let him be upset.)

Meanwhile, even in captivity Polly continues to be the best of them all, and gets an excellent speech about Why The Daleks Suck And You Shouldn't Trust Them. (Or, as she puts it, "Human beings can't be friends with Daleks. They don't have friends.")

She also gets a couple cute little shippy moment calling Ben a "real man" and worrying about the fact that the bad guys have him. Aww. /OTP Anyway, you can't say Doctor Who isn't equal opportunity about getting Companions abducted by the bad guys.

Bragen continues to be an idiot. Why do so many people convince themselves they can use the Daleks as weapons to achieve their own ends? WHY? Seriously, guys, listen to the Doctor when he tells you you can't trust the evil alien pepperpots.

One episode left!