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I've decided to start doing monthly roundups of the media I consume, because...reasons.

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And now for some personal reflections on that media.

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I got to see Star Wars: Rogue One today!

I also managed to see it relatively unspoiled. I had seen the various trailers, of course, and also the headline of one article that said "how did they manage to pull of that last scene?", but otherwise, I knew very little about it aside from the obvious implied by the premise.

Spoilers under the cut.

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I'm running out of words.

I wanna see it again.
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Happy 4th of July if you celebrate, happy July 4th if you don't.

I'm watching Star Wars, which seems like a good way to celebrate a day off from work. (July the fourth be with you.)
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I'm still trying to get used to having a full keyboard. Shanne was (is) a tenkeyless, so now whenever I start typing I'm slightly too far to the right and I have to reorient myself and start over. But I'm sure I'll adjust soon.

Other than that I am deeply pleased with Jocasta. Part of this is the low expectations that comes with having struggled along with a slowly dying laptop for the past several months (I can leave her unattended for a few minutes while I go do something else and she doesn't crash! Files copy quickly! She works reliably and I'm not afraid of losing data!) but also, I'm in love with the 2TB hard drive and multitasking and how quickly everything works. I even like Windows 10 despite being so used to Windows 7 I keep trying to do tasks wrong. I'll get used to that soon, too, probably. I don't use the touchscreen very much so far but it's nice knowing it's there.

Oh, and a presumably working DVD drive, though I haven't actually used it yet.

The Star Wars features are super nifty, too. Admittedly I opened the desktop R2D2 widget once to play with it and probably won't again (it's cute! it's also kinda useless), but the photo galleries are great, I immediately watched all the trailers despite having seen them all before, it keeps making BB-8 sounds and filling me with glee, and while I have never been much of a screensaver person before, now every time I don't touch a button for a few minutes I end up getting distracted by lightsaber duels. LIGHTSABER DUELS.

Engadget's review of this laptop literally calls it "dorky" in the title.

I embrace my dorkiness wholeheartedly.

Lightsaber duel screensaver and BB-8 system notification sounds, mm.
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I JUST ORDERED A NEW LAPTOP AND IT WAS INSANELY EXPENSIVE AND I AM MAYBE HAVING A SMALL ANXIETY ATTACK ABOUT SPENDING THAT MUCH MONEY. I mean I very carefully saved up enough for it before buying it and it was a well-considered purchase and I need a new laptop, poor Shanne is five years old, all five of those years have involved very heavy use, and she's on her last legs, my poor bb. She needs a relief pitcher. (Um, is that the right metaphor? I know nothing about sportsball.) But still, spending that kind of money all at once freaks me out something awful.

(According to Google the average lifespan of a Sony VAIO is closer to two years. I'm so sorry, Shanne, thank you for putting up with me and struggling through.)

I bought the HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook, because it's super cool and I'm a geek. It's going to be my first touch screen computer, and it's got pretty great stats, too; I went for the best available options on almost every feature, which is one of the reasons it's so expensive. But I would like it to last like Shanne has.

HOWEVER. This presents a new dilemma. All of my previous laptops have been named after Pogues songs (Shanne Bradley, Sally MacLennane, Lorelai). Originally I was planning to name my next laptop either Victoria or Aisling (neither of which is technically on a Pogues album, but they're both on the unreleased box set so IT TOTALLY COUNTS), but it feels weird to name a Star Wars themed laptop after a Pogues song. So. Straw poll!

[Poll #2036747]
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Slightly late to the group but I FINALLY SAW THE NEW STAR WARS TODAY.

Warning: spoilers for The Force Awakens under the cut.



(Has anyone been making LJ icons for TFA?)
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Happy Star Wars day!
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Happy Star Wars Day!

16. From your least favourite musical, by your favourite composer.

"A Boy Like That", West Side Story. Anita is the only interesting character, it has the least threatening gangs ever, and the love story is just as unconvincing as the source material plus Maria doesn't even die at the end.
On the plus side, this version is sung by Karen Olivo, who as we've established I love to ridiculous degrees.

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So, thanks to [ profile] riviyan_questa who is the AWESOMEST AWESOME TO EVER AWESOME (and yeah I know awesomest ain't a word), I am now the proud owner of this t-shirt and it is ADORABLE and AWESOME and many other wonderful words starting with A.

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Oh, look, another adorable Star Wars shirt I wish I owned.

...why do I not have a Star Wars icon? Does anyone know of any good SW icon makers?
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I want this shirt so much, you guys, you can't even.
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This is the background information you may need for this anecdote:

1) My family is not terribly talkative. Or whatever. We're not the kind of family who sit around regularly and have lengthy conversations about...anything. At all. I swear days go by when we don't actually say anything to each other. We get along okay, we just don't talk.

2) MTV aired all six Star Wars movies this weekend. Episodes 1 and 2 on Saturday, 3 and 4 on Sunday, 5 and 6 today.

Now that you know that.

We watched all six Star Wars movies this weekend, and actually had conversations about it.

These included such things as the little brother and I getting into a shouting match over the validity of midichlorians (I REFUSE THEM, he thinks they make sense), my brother realizing for the first time that Liam Neeson played Qui-Gon Jin (which somehow spawned an argument where my dad and I tried to convince the little brother that Liam Neeson's wife passed away earlier this year; he refused to believe us until we broke out the Wikipedia), my dad (who is not a Star Wars fan, I think this was the first time he'd seen any of the movies) quizzing the rest of us about character allegiances, shouting at the screen over what a bad actor Hayden Christensen is, discussion about the Star Wars costuming departments, critiques of various actors' post-SW careers, a discussion of Han's badassery on Endor derailed by "I think Leia has AWESOME HAIR", general agreement that That One Ewok Death in ROTJ is the most heartbreaking moment in all the movies, a Cliffs' Notes version of the ending of ROTJ that included Luke and Vader playing catch and Luke refusing to allow Han to marry his sister, constant repetition of the fact that Leia isn't really a princess anymore after Alderaan blows up, a debate over how Leia could remember her mother when Luke couldn't, looking Harrison Ford up on IMDb to find out his height, and, of course, the obligatory shouting at the screen when Luke looks over to see the ghosts of Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Anakin, and THERE'S HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN WTF GEORGE LUCAS YOU SUCK.

It was BIZARRE. But awesome. My family doesn't generally do geek conversations like this!

...I don't have a Star Wars icon and that's sad. :(

Also sad: my internet is working verrrrry sloooowwwwwly.

Not sad: my dad and I went out briefly and got through six-and-a-half tracks on the NBCR of HAiR. Will listen to the rest tomorrow on the way to TEH NIKI'S. YAY NIKI!! <3 <3 <3