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Oh, so I've been watching BBC America's Dirk Gently series, which had its third episode this evening.

It's actually quite good so long as I completely ignore the fact that it's supposedly a Dirk Gently adaptation, but every once in a while my brain reminds me and then I can't enjoy it for several minutes until I manage to ignore that fact again.

Which is to say that it is an astonishingly terrible adaptation but a really fun and unusual supernatural mystery series with a really well-done structure.

So, I guess, kind of recommend?

At some point in the near future I'm going to do a post summing up my feelings on all the new shows I've started watching this fall. Probably.

(Current NaNo wordcount: 14,576. I only did ~2K today. Which still puts me ahead, so I'm refusing to feel bad about it.)
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So I meant to post about Nanowrimo yesterday but...I did not.

Anyway, this year I'm trying my hand at portal fantasy, partly because I had an idea for one but mostly because I've never attempted portal fantasy before and Nano is the time of year when I try to stretch outside of my comfort zone. (I also stole my main characters and title from last year's trainwreck attempt at sci-fi/fantasy fusion.) That said, my main goal this time around is to pace myself and actually reach 50K. Because last year was a trainwreck. I've set a personal goal of 3K per day, at least to start with, in the hope that it will a) give me enough of a head start that I won't completely fall behind if something comes up later in the month (like last year's deathplague), and b) not burn me out completely by the second week. I'm also making the most out of Write Or Die and its fullscreen capability; right now I'm working exclusively in Stimulus mode but I suspect soon I'll move into Consequences mode and eventually Kamikaze.

Wordcount for day two: 6,233

Good luck to everyone writing this month!
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In non-Doctor Who news, I made 50K on my NaNo project tonight!

The plot's not done quite yet, mainly because I'm still not 100% sure how one extremely important thing works out, but it's surprisingly close!
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This is a post of unrelated things.

♦ NaNo is actually not going terribly. I just finished Part 1 of this story; pretty sure it's going to be three parts. Part 1 dragged on longer than I wanted it to, given that it's mostly setup, but hooray! it's done now and I can move on to the more interesting and plotty bits.

♦ There is new Once Upon A Time tonight and it has real!Belle! SCORE.

♦ The new Discworld is out! And part of me really wants to read it now, but another part thinks I should wait until I finish my Giant Discworld Reread. (I'm up to Night Watch, so I've got about 10 books left.) I am not sure what to do. Opinions?

♦ I've recently gotten suddenly obsessed with Declan Bennett's solo music. I'm not sure why I wasn't already, because it's so good. So consider this a recommendation.

♦ THE DOCTOR WHO TRAILERS LOOK FANTASTIC OH MY GOD. Yes, I squeed aloud at the first shot of Matt and David together. And yes, I cheered at "you've redecorated! ...I don't like it." JUST CRAM IN ALL THE CONTINUITY NODS AND FANPLEASING, MOFF, EVERYTHING ELSE CAN TAKE CARE OF ITSELF. AND THERE WAS THAT TWIRLY HUG WITH ELEVEN AND CLARA THAT WAS DELIGHTFUL. What's up with Rose, though? Bad Wolf? Future version? Alternate timeline? Not really Rose at all? She doesn't look or sound like S2!Rose, that's for sure. I did say the way they announced Tennant and Piper way back when made me suspect we weren't getting S2!Ten&Rose, didn't I? I remember saying that. That little smirk of Clara's when she used the vortex manipulator? EXCELLENT. I am assuming until someone proves otherwise that she remembers everything from all of her zillions of lives saving the Doctor and is just going to be super blasé about Ten. Also, HURT!DOCTOR and THE MOMENT and GALLIFREY and TIME LORDS and ZYGONS and DALEKS and I AM VERY EXCITED.

I am almost certain there were other things I intended to talk about, which I have now forgotten. Sorry?
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Day two of this year's NaNo, and I'm at 5210 words. So. Not bad. A day ahead of schedule, even.

And I've managed to get my two main characters introduced to each other! (More or less. She still doesn't know his last name, but that'll come.) I am excited about this, because writing the bits before they knew each other was kind of boring.
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I kinda suck at social media lately, and I'm sorry. :/ I think I've officially failed at my New Year's resolution to post here more often, even absolving myself of that whole land-of-no-Internet period. I HAVE TO GET BETTER AT THIS.

Things that are going on:

- Today I am relistening to old episodes of Animorphs: The Radio Drama (Uncensored!) because there are no new episodes because I feel like it. It's been a while. I'd almost forgotten how much I love these guys. I now kind of want to listen to them read one of the books while I follow along and annotate an e-book copy with their comments, but on the other hand that sounds like a lot of work for someone as lazy as me.

- Yuletide nominations start soon, and I am, indeed, planning to participate in Yuletide for the second time and nominations for the first time; SUPER EXCITING. (I may also have failed my write-more-fic resolution for the year. I don't remember what the exact wording of it was. But it hasn't exactly been a banner year for productivity.)

- It's almost time for first-run TV shows to come back! According to the app I depend on to tell me these things, Sleepy Hollow premieres in a week, Castle comes back in two weeks, Elementary comes back three days later, Once Upon A Time returns three days after that, and then a bit later Once Upon A Time In Wonderland and Almost Human premiere. So. That should give me stuff to post about. (Fingers crossed for greatness. Three new shows is a lot for me to try picking up at once; hopefully at least one hooks me, although it would be super awesome if they all do.) (Other new shows I am vaguely planning to try: Star-Crossed on the CW, because Robert Hewitt Wolfe on staff, and Girl Meets Boy, because Boy Meets World sequel, but I don't know when either one of them premieres). I am also super excited about spoilers I've seen for Elementary and Once Upon A Time; haven't seen spoilers for Castle, but fingers crossed there, too.

- It's still almost two months until NaNoWriMo but I'm getting nervous about it already. I have the bare bones of an idea and slightly more development on the two main characters; I keep poking at it and mostly coming up with things that aren't going to be useful (if they ever are) until I'm well into Plot.

- I am super behind on the marathoning-old-shows-that-are-new-to-me project (specifically HIMYM at the moment); for various personal reasons I kind of just lost momentum and haven't gotten back to it. I need to do that. That was a New Year's resolution, too. I need to accomplish at least a few of these things.

- In personal news, I'm still unemployed but have resumed trying to learn how to drive. So. Maybe that will be helpful.

- I apologize for the length of this post.
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So today was the first day of Camp NaNo's April session! Is anyone else participating? I'm doing the whole Rebel thing this month; planning to work on several projects. Although the first 2000 words have all been in the same story. (It's Lost fic! I'm really excited about it and hope it turns out well enough to share with other people! We'll see.)


Nov. 28th, 2012 11:52 pm
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Just hit 50K words!

They're not good words.

But there's 50K of them!

(Yeah, seriously, next year: no Camp. Or at least no original fic for Camp. That all gets saved for November. You hear me, future!Chica??)
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So I've pretty much completely lost the thread of posting every day. I'm sorry! I will try to get back to that! NaNoWriMo's been beating me rather than the other way around; as of last night I've officially given up on this story and gone full rebel; I'm just going to try to write 50K of fiction by the end of the month and if it's not all in the same story, too bad.

Note to self: Don't attempt do to NaNo three times in one year ever again.

So that should at least kill most of the NaNo whining, hopefully.

Tomorrow is American Thanksgiving! Which means delicious food and Broadway shows performing in parades! Happy Thanksgiving if you happen to celebrate it, happy November 22nd otherwise!
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Seriously considering killing off all my characters and taking thing in a Completely Different direction except that I don't have any clue what that Completely Different direction would be.

Send help?
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Things I did today: Made banana bread for the first time! It came out pretty well, too, so I am pleased. ([ profile] chicafrom3: Ruiner of housemates' diets.)

Things I did not do today: Get any significant amount of writing done. I don't know why it's so hard for me to put words on a page this time around. It's not even that I can't come up with words that don't suck! At this stay I'd be okay with words that suck a lot! I just can't come up with words, at all. :|
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Word count: 13,001. A little behind schedule but I'm reasonably confident I can at least catch up to the minimum before bed.

Trying to get Bridget rescued from the disguised dolphin. It's proving more difficult than predicted, but I'll get her back eventually!

(Also, continuing to enjoy Elementary, specifically the Holmes/Watson friendship, which continues to develop both believably and interestingly.)
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I've written about ten words so far today.

Someone tell me I suck.
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Late and short tonight, but:

Word count: 10,019.

I think one of the twins is going to be kidnapped by a dolphin in disguise.

That's not a sentence I get to say every day.
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Made it to 6K, which means I'm averaging 2K per day. That's ... not great, but it is better than the minimum, so. I'm choosing to look on the bright side.

Shifting some of the focus to the twins has helped a little.

I promise the daily wordcount updates will cease.
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NaNoWriMo status report: 4,005. Keeping ahead of the minimum, but only just barely. On the plus side, I did some reinvention of the story structure in my head and I think once I get past this opening/establishing section I might be able to pick up speed. This story might be salvageable!

The heat went out today, so I spent most of the day freezing. It's back on now, though. /awesome month so far

As a positive, I got my Yuletide assignment and it's pretty awesome! :D
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NaNoWriMo status report: 2,050. I was hoping to hit 5K today, at least, but it's not looking like that's going to happen.

Two reasons, I assume:

One: I was hit unexpectedly by a cold. It sucks. And now I'm exhausted and cursing my sinuses and unable to properly concentrate. This is why I hate transition seasons.

Two: This idea may not actually work. I'm going to give it another couple days, because it's possible this cold is the only reason it's not working yet, but I may wind up dropping it and trying something else.

I do really like the twins so far, though. If I drop this project for a new one, I'm taking them with me.
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Happy Halloween!

And happy NaNo Eve! (Or happy NaNo, depending on your time zone!) I have about two and a half hours until I start writing, and I continue to fret about whether my concept will hold for 50K words ...

Guess we'll find out, won't we?

(Also I don't like my working title, but I have no ideas for a better one. So this 'verse will probably get renamed a few thousand words in ... )

*gnaws anxiously at leftover Halloween candy*
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Current NaNo idea: a space opera/urban fantasy fusion focusing on mythological shapeshifters. Good idea, idea with potential, or terrible idea?

(Seriously, doing 3 versions of NaNo in one year was one of the worst concepts I've ever come up with.)
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So I've been pretty terrible about updating my LJ. I'm sorry. I blame Camp NaNo. (Also, deciding to do three incarnations of NaNoWriMo in one year was ... not the smartest decision I ever made.) On the plus side, I hit 50K on Better Than It Sounds tonight, so maybe I'll be able to pay more attention to my LJ now!

(Better Than It Sounds, despite having hit 50K, has not reached the end. I don't actually feel that bad about it this time because I'm not sure the BTIS 'verse has a definite ending point.)

Anyway, other things that are going on:

* It looks like SyFy is picking up Continuum for an early 2013 airing. Woo! So Americans who haven't seen it yet you will have no more excuses I expect you to watch the awesome time-travelling-cop show. Lexa Doig plays a terrorist, if you need encouragement.

* In continued Andromeda alumnae news, Lisa Ryder is going to guest star on Alphas, hell yeah! So excited. I continue to love Alphas more and more with each episode. (And continue to wish they could get Summer Glau on as a regular that would be awesome.)

* Probably everybody already knows about this, but just in case: BBC is posting "Pond Life" minisodes online as a teaser leading into Asylum Of The Daleks (only four days away omg omg omg) and they're adorable. I will pretty much never get over Eleven laying down some backing vocals. That is a thing that exists in the world.

* No link for this one, but Once Upon A Time promos have started airing! So excited for Emilie as a regular + Mulan, Aurora, Captain Hook, and ... um, everybody they've announced, really, but those are the three that have me REALLY REALLY EXCITED. Although Emilie as a series regular beats it all. EMILIE AS A SERIES REGULAR.

* I swear there was other stuff I wanted to talk about but I don't remember what any of it was. :/