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So I went and saw the live-action Beauty And The Beast today!

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...and then I came home and made mint M&M cookies, so, you know, big day. By my measly standards.
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Slightly late to the group but I FINALLY SAW THE NEW STAR WARS TODAY.

Warning: spoilers for The Force Awakens under the cut.



(Has anyone been making LJ icons for TFA?)
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I finally got to see Song Of The Sea and it is gorgeous. And I cried. And if you have the chance to see it, you should.
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And then today I went out and saw Into The Woods.

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As part of my whole reinvention/motivation thing, new layout! (that is a very flimsy excuse for a new layout)

Whole new layout & profile this time, inspired by The Secret Of Kells. May possibly redo the background image, or might not. Haven't decided yet.
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Well, we finally made it back to North Carolina. YAY. (In the list of things Chica never thought she'd say ... ;) )

And then I (finally) watched The Doctor, The Widow, And The Wardrobe! Doctor Who spoilery thoughts )

...and then I showed my mom The Secret Of Kells and her reaction was "meh" and my reaction was "HOW ARE WE RELATED" :|
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So, due to travel needs (my dad needs to be back at work on Monday), my parents, my brother, and I will be spending Christmas Day driving the ~20 hours back to North Carolina from Missouri.

So in order to compensate for that, we decided to treat Christmas Eve as Christmas Day and everybody got up too early this morning despite half the family being sick with colds! :D

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Probably won't be able to get online tomorrow, since I'll be in a car, and then when I finally get back online I'll be avoiding LJ until I can get hold of the DW special and watch it. So happy Christmas to everyone who celebrates it, happy December 25th to everyone who doesn't, and happy holidays to all! Hope it's a good one! ♥♥♥
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Currently watching A Muppets Christmas: Letters To Santa on TV. I'd forgotten how wrong Scooter sounds in this one. THAT'S NOT WHAT SCOOTER SOUNDS LIKE :/ *takes her Muppets seriously* Also, Janice. Janice also sounds wrong wrong wrong in this one.

... this really is, if not the weakest Muppets offering, one of the weakest ones. And definitely the weakest Muppets Christmas offering. But it's still the Muppets, so, whatever.

Hey, tomorrow starts December, so I am TOTALLY ALLOWED to watch Christmas movies. Sometime in the near future I'm putting on Muppets' Christmas Carol which is my favorite Christmas movie ever and then you're all going to have to put up with my MCC spam.
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This is kind of a late post, but, okay, here's three things from today:

I hope everyone on my flist who celebrates American Thanksgiving, had a happy one! And those of you who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had a happy November 24th! ♥

This is an actual conversation that happened:
My dad, randomly: "I miss the Great Dismal Swamp fire."
Me: " ... you miss the Great Dismal Swamp fire?"
My dad: "Yes."
Me: "But. It was a fire. In a swamp. A swamp called dismal."
My brother: " ... you know, I never actually considered the fact that the swamp is named 'Dismal' before ... "

After we ate Thanksgiving dinner (which was delicious), we (by which I mean me, my brother, and my parents) went out to a movie as a family ~thing.
And that movie?

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I want fic about the Electric Mayhem set between the last in-continuity movie and this one. For the record, I don't consider Muppets In Space to have been in-continuity.

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This is one of the prettiest movies I've seen in a while. So obviously I had to picspam it. Obviously.

Below the cut: not remotely dial-up friendly evidence of my cinematic crushes on Ondine's director, lighting designer, costumer, and location scout.

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So [ profile] lgbtfest has closed its doors, which is very sad, but [ profile] queer_fest has opened to take its place, which is quite nice, and is now open for prompting. *pimps*

As we speak, I am watching Christopher and His Kind. Thoughts coming once I have finished it, probably.
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We went out and saw Despicable Me at the cheapo illegal theater today, and omg it was adorable. ♥ I want a Minion of my very own.

Someone get on that for me, pls.
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Why, yes, I did just randomly change my layout again.

...Look, this is what I do when I want to feel productive but have no motivation to do anything actually productive.

Plus I was getting bored of looking at my last one.

Let's see how long this one lasts!


Tonight, Psych returned!

I totally lost track of time and missed the teaser, so I'm going to have to watch it again. But OMG. Vick! And Juliet! And Shawn and Gus! And Henry! And Lassiter! I MISSED YOU GUYS. <3 <3 <3

Also, Shawn and Gus were in top form this episode, I approve.


Day 29 ♥ Who You Think Should Be the Next Doctor

Paterson Joseph, which is who I was rooting for back when all the rumors were flying around and nobody knew who Matt Smith was. (ILU, Matt!) But srsly, Paterson Joseph would be an awesome Doctor, I firmly believe.

I would also not be averse to a female Doctor. (Shock! Horror! Gasp!)

BUT MOSTLY I'm okay with them casting people I've never heard of, it's worked well so far.

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Possibly I am currently trying to get good screencaps of Malice In Wonderland so I can make decent graphics.

Possibly this is being made very difficult by all the ~moody lighting~ in this movie. Moody lighting is great for setting a mood, yes, but it's awful for graphic-making. Why do you not keep icon makers in mind when you're lighting movies, cinematographers? You fail.

Stupid moody lighting.

We've lost power twice so far today. Bets on how many more times?

...Happy Father's Day.
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30 Days Of TV:

Day 17 ♥ Favorite mini series

I'm not really a big miniseries watcher! I don't know why that is. There's not a good reason for that.

Um, I really liked SyFy's "Alice" adaptation?

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30 Days Of Who:

Day 10 ♥ A Who-Related Photo That You Took

Skipping this one due to the previously noted lack of a camera.

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Today I watched 'Pirate Radio' (proper title: 'The Boat That Rocked', but 'Pirate Radio' is what it's called here okay?) for the first time. (LOOK, I don't see movies when they first come out. It just doesn't happen.) Anyway, I enjoyed it. It was a good watch.

In unrelated news, what's the RENT fandom's opinion on David Driver as Roger? Is it that he's terrible? Tell me that everyone agrees he's terrible!

Day 29 ♥ Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

- Get a job. (I know I whine about this a lot, but it is seriously fairly important.)
- Spend more time in Boston. (This is always one of my goals.)
- WRITE. Finish something of length. 2010 NaNo is included in this.
- Be a better person.
- - Subgoal: Be a better friend.

...annnnd, that's the end of that meme, I guess.

...I might do the TV 30-day meme next. I haven't decided. Don't hold me to that.
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...Neil Patrick Harris, ilu and all, but your casting for the Hollywood Bowl production of RENT has me going o.0 and WTF and IDEK.



Day 02 ♥ Your favourite movie


Here, have some music and low-quality clips

This is such a fantastic movie. Everyone should watch it. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova sparkle; they have such a wonderful, low-key, intimate presence. The low-budget feel just adds to the sense that you're peeking in on these two lives. The script is awesome, the music is brilliant. And the ending is perfect. There is no other ending that would have worked half as well. Endings -- especially to romances -- tend to piss me off or irritate me, they are so rarely done right (especially in romances), but this is the Perfect Ending.

Also, THE MUSIC. <3

I love this movie an awful lot.

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Today I broke out A Muppet Christmas Carol on VHS and watched it. (It's December, an acceptable time for Christmas movies! We will not discuss that I have in the past watched AMCC in July because I wanted a blue furry Charles Dickens who hangs out with a rat.)

Said it before, will likely say it again, it is my very favorite version of 'A Christmas Carol'. I love the Muppets.

(I may break out other Christmas Muppet movies later, but this one is my very favorite. ...I don't have A Muppet Family Christmas :/ but I think I have all the others?)
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To-do list for work tomorrow:
-Figure out how to cable the third electric
-Patch everything
-Inventory gel supply so I can order color


Today we got the third electric in the air again (with the most ridiculously ghetto counterweight system omg), cabled the sidepipes, replaced dead lamps, and got everything focused. Well, everything that can be focused at this point, without a certain number of gobos and also without scenery. BUT IT'S BASICALLY DONE EVEN IF I STAYED LIKE FOUR AND A HALF HOURS LATE TO GET IT DONE. OMG. FASTEST FOCUS EVER. LESS THAN A DAY.

And if I get those three things done tomorrow and get my color and template orders in maybe I can like stop moving for ten minutes and actually have a chance to, like...breathe.



Unrelated: has anyone seen the movie Piñata: Survival Island? Because I had it described to me last night and it sounds like it might just be the best movie ever. You guys. It's a horror movie about a possessed piñata. A possessed piñata. You guys.

Unrelated: I have the two most recent episodes of Kings in my possession! Which I will watch! When I have more than twenty minutes to myself in a row!

Unrelated: *is incoherent and babbling some more*
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This is the background information you may need for this anecdote:

1) My family is not terribly talkative. Or whatever. We're not the kind of family who sit around regularly and have lengthy conversations about...anything. At all. I swear days go by when we don't actually say anything to each other. We get along okay, we just don't talk.

2) MTV aired all six Star Wars movies this weekend. Episodes 1 and 2 on Saturday, 3 and 4 on Sunday, 5 and 6 today.

Now that you know that.

We watched all six Star Wars movies this weekend, and actually had conversations about it.

These included such things as the little brother and I getting into a shouting match over the validity of midichlorians (I REFUSE THEM, he thinks they make sense), my brother realizing for the first time that Liam Neeson played Qui-Gon Jin (which somehow spawned an argument where my dad and I tried to convince the little brother that Liam Neeson's wife passed away earlier this year; he refused to believe us until we broke out the Wikipedia), my dad (who is not a Star Wars fan, I think this was the first time he'd seen any of the movies) quizzing the rest of us about character allegiances, shouting at the screen over what a bad actor Hayden Christensen is, discussion about the Star Wars costuming departments, critiques of various actors' post-SW careers, a discussion of Han's badassery on Endor derailed by "I think Leia has AWESOME HAIR", general agreement that That One Ewok Death in ROTJ is the most heartbreaking moment in all the movies, a Cliffs' Notes version of the ending of ROTJ that included Luke and Vader playing catch and Luke refusing to allow Han to marry his sister, constant repetition of the fact that Leia isn't really a princess anymore after Alderaan blows up, a debate over how Leia could remember her mother when Luke couldn't, looking Harrison Ford up on IMDb to find out his height, and, of course, the obligatory shouting at the screen when Luke looks over to see the ghosts of Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Anakin, and THERE'S HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN WTF GEORGE LUCAS YOU SUCK.

It was BIZARRE. But awesome. My family doesn't generally do geek conversations like this!

...I don't have a Star Wars icon and that's sad. :(

Also sad: my internet is working verrrrry sloooowwwwwly.

Not sad: my dad and I went out briefly and got through six-and-a-half tracks on the NBCR of HAiR. Will listen to the rest tomorrow on the way to TEH NIKI'S. YAY NIKI!! <3 <3 <3