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A brief update on my status on LJ:

For the time being I will continue to use LJ. I'm not thrilled about this decision given recent developments, but...inertia. I wish I had a better excuse, but, no, it's inertia; I have a lot of history on this journal and I'm reluctant to give it up. I have a permanent account and have since before the Russian handover, so at least they're not getting any money from me, even via advertising.

That said:

I'm in the process of re-importing to my astonishingly underused Dreamwidth account (as is everyone else, so it's going to take some time), and I will make the effort to crosspost new content between the two. I've never gotten into the hang of using DW the way I do LJ, but this might be the push I need. If you're on DW, I'm there as chicafrom3, naturally.

I am active on Twitter, again as chicafrom3, albeit mostly retweeting and currently mostly political stuff; Twitter is where I go to have meltdowns about how the world is ending in the worst ways possible.

I'm also on Imzy, once again as chicafrom3, and while so far I've been mostly a lurker, I'm going to try to be more active; I think I might start using my personal community the way I've been using my LJ. (Sooo...intermittent posts about Doctor Who?)

And I'll continue to be as active on Archive Of Our Own as I have been, which is not very active at all. (I'm detecting a pattern here.)

If you are on one of these sites and would like to be friends there as well, or if you think there's somewhere else on the Internet I should be, let me know.

March Media

Apr. 1st, 2017 06:13 pm
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Individual thoughts:

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Individual thoughts:

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I've decided to start doing monthly roundups of the media I consume, because...reasons.

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And now for some personal reflections on that media.

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My plan for tomorrow is to stay away from all news sources, including social media. All day. Tuesday: basically staying off the Internet except for things that don't involve any kind of communication with other people. (I will probably update my Nano word count and Habitica status and things like that.) Because otherwise I'll be endlessly refreshing the projected election results and that is not going to be good for my mental health.

If you are also in the US: Good luck.

If you are not in the US: If this goes badly, can I come live with you?
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Good things:
- I pre-ordered the Hamiltome and it is on its way to me now! Because I'm cheap-slash-poor I got free shipping so I won't actually GET it until Saturday, but still, that's pretty great.
- Less than a month until I go see Once. I have finalized the plans for the day, including transportation and a nice dinner afterwards and it's gonna be fantastic omg.
- Slightly less than that until the Tony nominations! I am excited for all of Hamilton's nominations. Also for all the other nominations (Audra McDonald? Megan Hilty? Jenn Damiano?), but let's be honest here, it's gonna be the Hamiltonys.
- I went out this weekend and bought Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital. Also they had the original trilogy in a set right there so I bought it because as much as I love my ancient VHS tapes they're a pain in the neck to actually watch. This is the only problem with me regularly getting paid money, I feel like I can spend it freely.
- I haven't had a chance yet to watch the original trilogy on Blu-Ray, but I did have time to watch The Force Awakens. Guess what? IT'S STILL A GREAT MOVIE. ♥♥
- On a related note, the Rogue One trailer was released and it is incredibly awesome. I suspect that eventually I'll be annoyed at Disney for their freely-stated intention to beat Star Wars into the ground with a new movie every year for roughly forever but right now that sounds like the BEST PLAN EVER.
- Flogging Molly is rumored to be releasing a new album this year. And yes, they've been "rumored to be releasing a new album this year" for the past several years, but they've released a new single and are promoting it and I feel like that's a pretty good indication that the rumor has legs this time.
- Also Declan Bennett mentioned working on his next album on Twitter and man I would give a lot for a new Declan Bennett album.
- The TV adaptation of American Gods has gone into production and everything I see about it makes me MORE EXCITED. I know it's early days yet and it could turn out to be massively disappointing, but so far it seems like they get it and they're dedicated to doing a good job with the material.

Bad things:

I really, really hate my job. Like. A lot. Dread getting up in the morning, countdown to the end of the day, fantasize about dying of a heart attack so I don't have to do it anymore. That kind of hate it. It's bad.

I'm fully aware that the whole "spend the work week praying for the weekend and then spend the weekend dreading the start of the work week" culture around employment in the US (and other places! but lbr, the US) is incredibly unhealthy, and also unhealthily normalized, and I can't help it I hate my job so much.

I'm looking into getting a passport and applying for stage tech jobs on cruise ships. Apparently I've got a distant cousin who works for a cruise company, so who knows, maybe I can use that connection somehow. But I can't keep doing what I'm doing.

IDK. It just sucks.
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I'm listening to the demo for A Gentleman's Guide To Love And Murder and oh my God Raul Esparza singing "It's Better With A Man" is my new favorite thing.

Also it's been twenty days since I last posted anything, so, uh. I suck. Total fail. I have no excuse except that I've had nothing to talk about except self-hatred and nobody wants to hear that, so. Sorry. I have also been failing at commenting. Trying to get better. Mid-year resolution?
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This post is mostly for my own reference.

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The one really good thing about being super-sensitive to drugs is that you can get away with taking way fewer meds than most people. The really bad thing about being super-sensitive to drugs is that you have to spend $30 on the non-drowsy allergy meds for a cold because the $8 cold meds will have you unconscious for eighteen hours and then waking up feeling worse than you did before you took them.

This is a pointless post. Sorry.
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Hello, I still suck, sorry. Depression and health and money and housing problems and weather and blah.

But I'm tired of sucking, so consider this an announcement that I'm back, and I will try to do better.

I'm not going to try to get caught up on everything since I went on hiatus, 'cause that sounds exhausting, but I'll try to be here from this point on.

Okay, cool?


Feb. 7th, 2014 09:49 pm
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I've been AWOL. Sorry. :/ This isn't actually a return, just an apology. I've been dealing with RL stuff plus a depressive episode, so, you know, super fun times for all, and it makes it hard to find words to share.

Actual post coming when I find words again. Promise.
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This is a multipurpose post.

> I watched season 3 of Eureka and have been intending to write a reaction post. Alas. That has not happened. Instead there will be this brief note that I felt fairly meh about it, though I'm not sure whether that's because of the show itself or because that's how I've felt about a lot of things recently. Either way I rate it a 5/10.

> I also watched this week's Continuum and intended to write a reaction post. Again. That failed to happen. Instead I will just note that I'm really interested to find out where the Alec & Kellogg plot is going.

> Tomorrow I move in order to start my new job the following day. I am SLIGHTLY NERVOUS about this, if by SLIGHTLY NERVOUS it can be understood I mean 'anxious and chewing on my fingers'. Hopefully it will go well. As I've mentioned before, it's only a two-month engagement, but the work seems like it will be really interesting. (And, you know. Filling up blank spots on my résumé. And paychecks. And possibly good references if it goes well.)
I don't know why my schedule will be like for this job, or for that matter what the Internet situation will be, so. Bear that in mind, I guess.

> It's just that I'm so bad at people.

> I'm pretty sure there were other things I intended to include in this post but now I can't remember them.
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Hello, I exist.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my going-away-for-a-bit post. It helped, you have no idea how much. ♥ I'm starting to be a functioning person again, so I figured ... time to come back?

Just a quick overview of things, and then I'm going to pretend that the past month-ish didn't exist.

> I am now living in Florida. Um, yes. It's overwhelming and confusing and pretty much the exact opposite of the direction I was intending to go (no offense, Florida, but I'm a New England girl at heart) but it's a change and maybe that's what I need.

> I miss my family, and I miss my niki babe, and I'm scared to death that I made a mistake, but here I am.

> Apparently governments across the globe have decided to try to kill the Internet. Screw you, governments across the globe. The Internet is my lifeline, don't take that away from me and all the other people who need it.

So, yes.

What'd I miss with all of you?

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In the middle of a vicious depressive episode coupled with intense self-loathing.

I'll be back when I can.

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I'm so unmotivated to do anything at all.

It's kind of pathetic, really.
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Just got back from the dentist. Yes, again. This is probably going to be a regular thing for a while. I promise not to tell you every single time it happens, though. But this time my mouth is numb, I'm probably bleeding, I can still taste anesthetic, and I'm on a soft diet with no soda for the next three days, so I'm going to whinge in my journal for a bit.

WTF do you mean no soda. :( :( :( priorities may be slightly skewed.
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Today, on a last-minute decision, I went up to Roanoke and interviewed for a tech position with The Lost Colony. ...I don't know how the interview went. I'm trying to think good thoughts about it. I need a job, for reals, yo.

ALSO, you know what arrived in the mail for me? Flogging Molly's new CD/DVD set, Live At The Greek Theatre. It is happy-making. YAY, MUSIC.

ALSO ALSO, there is M*A*S*H on TV.

...I am easily pleased.
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Considering walking somewhere for lunch. What's lazier, staying home and expending energy to fix lunch with the very little we have here at the moment, or expending energy to walk somewhere to get prepared food?

On the other hand, I haven't left the house for several days, which is probably a vote 'for'.

I feel like a social failure, it's awesome, for a given value of awesome that actually means the opposite.

...I feel bad about my unrelenting negativity. :/ Have some positive holiday stuff!

'Tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

and also

[ profile] crickets is hosting a Christmas/Holiday Music Share!
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Restructuring the whole BTIS 'verse in my head. Considering giving it a nonlinear structure (but not quite sure how that would work with the main storylines) or possibly a framing device (maybe a Behind the Music sort of thing? but who would do a BTM thing on a band that's just kind of a big deal on the Internet?) but the current structure isn't working for me. In any case, if I'm doing it for NaNo, I still have a month before I have to actually have a structure firmly in mind.

In other news, I haven't left the house in several days. I am fairly sure that most people would consider this a Bad Thing. Can I self-diagnose myself with Avoidant Personality Disorder? Because I think it might fit.

It's not like I'm actually getting anything done...despite the mental restructuring of BTIS, it's not like I'm actually writing anything. I finished backing up my music collection, which is...only important if you're crazy and OCD like me. I am considering applying as a researcher to one of those text-message-search-engine thingies because then I could earn money without leaving the house, and also I can't find any jobs I'm qualified for in my actual field. So, yeah, basically I'm not doing anything. At all.


Um. In the 'less depressing' category...uh...I forgot I preordered the Kings DVD box set, so getting the shipping notice cheered me up a bit. Yay, Jack! I sold another book on Half.Com. There is new Glee and Dollhouse this week (right?) although no new Psych. I've got like half a dozen things being shipped to me right now...I hope they arrive soon.

Oh! And I've now been introduced to the ridiculousness that is xkcdsw. I think this is my favorite of the ones I've seen so far.

And we have chocolate chip cookies and chocolate frosting.

...I kind of fail at life a bit.
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I have almost completed my Pogues collection! ...okay, I'm still missing three albums. BUT. I have all their studio albums, half (that's one of two, yo) of their live albums, and four out of six of the compilations. Now I'm just missing The Ultimate Collection (Including Live at the Brixton Academy 2001), The Best Of The Pogues, and Dirty Old Town: The Platinum Collection.

...okay, I'm also missing the two EPs, but those are like impossible to find so I'm ignoring them for the moment.

I am making progress.

Once I finish my Pogues collection, I suppose I'll have to work on my Shane & the Popes collection, which is in a much less respectable state atm.

(Possibly my music addiction is getting out of of this posting, my iTunes music library boasts 73.99GBs...18809 songs...if I played it continuously it would take 46.6 days to listen to...guys, reassure me that other people packrat their music to the extent that I do? Tell me that your music counts are at least as high! Or nearly as high! Or something reassuring!

I only have an 8gb iPod. Do you know how hard it is to decide what to put on there? *pouts*)

Off that subject...

Oh! Also exciting: I completed my Ghostwriter collection! All of the original series! "Ghost Story" through "Attack Of The Slime Monster"! I haven't watched all of it yet, but I'm excited to have it there to watch, y'know? Yes, I'm a nostalgia dork. I don't care. It's so ridiculously awesome, with the dorky 90s urban fashion and slang and terrible SFX and all. Word.

Also, it's so much funnier watching the attempt at cosplay in "Am I Blue?" now than when I was a kid.

...whatever, I'm a geek, we get it.