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It's official, Girl Meets World has been canceled by Disney after three seasons. :(

In the immediate wake of this news is this week's episode, if it can be so called, "World Meets Girl", part clip show, part Q&A, part fan appreciation, part behind-the-scenes special. It's a very sweet hour of TV and I admit I got teary-eyed, particularly over the spotlight on fan BFFs at the end, but I don't have much to say about it? It's not part of the narrative, in any case, but absolutely worth a watch if you like getting emotional over children's TV. (I do.)

There are only two episodes left of the series.

I'm getting emotional about it.
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Slightly late to the group but I FINALLY SAW THE NEW STAR WARS TODAY.

Warning: spoilers for The Force Awakens under the cut.



(Has anyone been making LJ icons for TFA?)
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So the Tony noms are out!

♣ Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson got two noms which is two more than I thought it would probably get so !!! :D :D :D Best Book and Scenic Design Of A Musical. It probably won't take home Book for much the same reasons [title of show] didn't, but the scenic design of the show was fantastic and deserves the win so that's the on I'll pout over if they lose.
♣ ♣ But no noms for Benjamin Walker, which is sad. Expected, but sad. You deserved one, Ben, and I totally believe that if the show hadn't closed in January you would have one.

♣ Wonderland was completely snubbed; I am sad but not very surprised.

♣ The Book Of Mormon looks set for a sweep. I have no strong feelings about this; it's not a show that particularly appeals to me but I do understand the appeal for other people and it'll probably continue to do well.

♣ Catch Me If You Can was nominated for Best Musical, which makes me raise an eyebrow. I totally agree with all of CMIYC's other noms, and I like the show, I just don't think it's Best Musical material.

♣ Raise your hand if you were surprised by Sutton's nom for Best Leading Actress In A Musical. Anyone? No? Okay then.

♣ Rooting for The Scottsboro Boys in all of their categories except the ones where they're up against BBAJ.
♣ ♣ But especially Joshua Henry for leading actor.
♣ ♣ Oh hai Ken Billington for lighting design I KNOW YOU

Anyone have any thoughts to share?