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I got to see Star Wars: Rogue One today!

I also managed to see it relatively unspoiled. I had seen the various trailers, of course, and also the headline of one article that said "how did they manage to pull of that last scene?", but otherwise, I knew very little about it aside from the obvious implied by the premise.

Spoilers under the cut.

Rebellions are built on hope. )

I'm running out of words.

I wanna see it again.
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In addition to my main Yuletide fic, I also received a Madness treat!! All In Your Hands, another Once fic, this one an absolutely gorgeous and heartbreaking study of the Girl and her reasons for not showing up to see the Guy as she promised she would.

I am experiencing all kinds of flail here ♥♥♥
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Once Upon A Time 2x08 In The Deep )

What do you mean winter finale D: D: D: I'm not ready
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Holy shit, I think this is the first Tony reaction post I've ever made where tears of joy beat every other reaction.

cut to spare your flist )

Also, for the Doctor Who fans on my flist who do not care about the Tonys, you missed James Corden on an American stage receiving a Tony Award with a speech that included the line, "She's my baby mama and I can't wait to marry her."
That's right, you missed the opportunity to hear Craig Owens use the phrase "baby mama".
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This is kind of a late post, but, okay, here's three things from today:

I hope everyone on my flist who celebrates American Thanksgiving, had a happy one! And those of you who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had a happy November 24th! ♥

This is an actual conversation that happened:
My dad, randomly: "I miss the Great Dismal Swamp fire."
Me: " ... you miss the Great Dismal Swamp fire?"
My dad: "Yes."
Me: "But. It was a fire. In a swamp. A swamp called dismal."
My brother: " ... you know, I never actually considered the fact that the swamp is named 'Dismal' before ... "

After we ate Thanksgiving dinner (which was delicious), we (by which I mean me, my brother, and my parents) went out to a movie as a family ~thing.
And that movie?

spoilery, mostly for character/dialogue/premise stuff, but a little bit of plot as well )

I want fic about the Electric Mayhem set between the last in-continuity movie and this one. For the record, I don't consider Muppets In Space to have been in-continuity.

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* I finally managed to sit down and watch Being Human yesterday. ♥ What an awesome and epic episode. And I loved it and I had things to say about it and this is why I should do reaction posts immediately after watching because I forget stuff. BUT brief capslocky thoughts ) So yeah, epic and awesome and ohhh.

* So I was poking around Lost-Media's photo gallery, as you do, and stumbled upon this S4 promo picture which I had never seen before which is clearly a grievous error on my part because I love it. Is there a higher-res version anywhere, does anyone know? LM doesn't usually fail me on high-res promo pics but they're letting me down now.

* I need to actually do stuff so that I can have stuff to talk about here. *sadface*
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Word count: 19,100

Determined to hit 20,000 tonight. No idea how I'm going to accomplish that.

My timeline makes no sense. None. At all. Sense, it makes none. :/ At this point, the band has been in existence (as it stands now, i.e., counting from Johnny joining) for about two months. They just announced the release date for their first album. Which...sense, it makes none. On top of that, Liam and Michael have been dating for about two months now (somewhat less time than the band's existence, but not by much) and Liam doesn't even know about Michael's stealth geekitude yet. I know this, because I'm determined to actually write Liam finding out about Michael's geekiness, and it hasn't happened yet. And I'm still not clear on how Tess came home from school for a long weekend in mid-November and wound up staying over a week. Why didn't she just wait for Thanksgiving break?

This whole story makes increasingly less sense the more I try to make it make any at all.

*flails and sulks a bit*
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Word count right now: 1,952.

Plot so far: Not much, but Johnny has officially joined the band now, so at least something's happened in the first 2,000 words!

Anyway. Last night, AS PLANNED, teh Niki and teh Niki's boy and I got all dressed up in old jeans and white tees and went to see EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL at the Generic Theater. We were the second group in line for the Splatter Zone, and the first to find seats: front row, dead center.

Teh Niki's boy got knocked in the knee by Good Old Reliable Jake during "Good Old Reliable Jake", a story which was almost immediately overshadowed by the fact that Good Old Reliable Jake went on to give me a lap dance.

The show was brilliant, the cast was great, we laughed hysterically through the whole thing and the show stopped dead for applause any time Ash said any of his more famous lines. ("Good, bad...I'm the guy with the gun." "This is my BOOMSTICK!" "Give me some sugar, baby." And, of course, "Shop smart. SHOP S-MART!") Cheryl breaking out "If Chins Could Kill" by Bruce Campbell when Scott told her to "go read a book" was, I think, one of everyone's favorite moments.

At the end of the first act, all three white t-shirts were still spotless, and there was some disappointment discussed during intermission. This was soon remedied in the second act; we're pretty sure that backstage, various cast members were going "Hey, did you see those idiots in the front row wearing white? Okay, so in this scene, you get the one on the right, and I'll get the one on the left, and, uh, you target the middle one." We were drenched and sticking to ourselves by the time we left. The staff were taking pictures of audience members leaving, just candid snapshots, but when we came out they stopped us and went "Okay. We have to get a photo of you three."


It was kind of a ridiculously awesome experience. OMGYAY.
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LOST 5x16 The Incident, w/capslock of AWESOME and capslock of WTF )


I can't believe there's only one season left. I can't believe this season is over. I can't believe how much of my life has been invested in this show. I mean...*flails like a flaily thing*

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This is like one of those buddy-cop movies where you're the hard-nosed cop and I'm the guy who hates buddy-cop movies!

I LOVE YOU, [name withheld for casting spoiler].


<3 <3 <3

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This is like one of those buddy-cop movies where you're the hard-nosed cop and I'm the guy who hates buddy-cop movies!

I LOVE YOU, [name withheld for casting spoiler].


<3 <3 <3