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Oh, so I've been watching BBC America's Dirk Gently series, which had its third episode this evening.

It's actually quite good so long as I completely ignore the fact that it's supposedly a Dirk Gently adaptation, but every once in a while my brain reminds me and then I can't enjoy it for several minutes until I manage to ignore that fact again.

Which is to say that it is an astonishingly terrible adaptation but a really fun and unusual supernatural mystery series with a really well-done structure.

So, I guess, kind of recommend?

At some point in the near future I'm going to do a post summing up my feelings on all the new shows I've started watching this fall. Probably.

(Current NaNo wordcount: 14,576. I only did ~2K today. Which still puts me ahead, so I'm refusing to feel bad about it.)
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This is a list of AWESOME THINGS.

First the real-life non-fandom one: I just had a phone interview for a job, and it went really well. Obviously "interview went well" does not automatically translate to "got the job" (other people's interviews could also go really well! they could find someone more qualified/a better fit than me! etc.) but either way it's a nice ego boost that is kind of needed right now. And it COULD translate to "got the job"?

Next the fandom stuff:

New trailer for Doctor Who Series 7, and oh gosh it is fantastic. PONDS. DOCTOR. GUNSLINGERS. I think my favorite bit is "Will everyone who is not American drop their gun?" "I didn't mean to do that!" but it is ALL FANTASTIC.

Also I watched the BBC Dirk Gently series and it is wonderful. Stephen Mangan is not exactly my mental Dirk, but he works well enough as a sort of AU version, and their version of Janice is so perfect I can't even. I mean. She really is Janice. ♥ Also, ELENA. ...I am possibly a bit odd.

And, finally, it seems that the Being Human writers have decided that their show mandate is "Break as many hearts as possible". Why do you destroy everything good in the universe, Being Human, why? Also, when is season five?