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I've been reading through the Doctor Who Target novelizations in broadcast order, and I've just finished The Chase, Barbara and Ian's last adventure, which seems like a good place to pause for some thoughts.

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I just finished reading Crosstalk, and now I'm sitting here having slightly confused thoughts about how much Connie Willis is able to bypass all of my hangups about certain tropes and appeal directly to my id anyway.

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Consider this a formal if slightly incoherent recommendation, if you're interested in book recommendations.
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So my copy of the Hamiltome arrived yesterday; I got it after work and promptly sat down and started reading. I read it cover-to-cover in two sittings.

First of all, the book as a physical object is gorgeous. It's substantially lighter than you'd expect a book that size to be, beautifully printed, and full of photos both black-and-white and full-color -- a mix of shots that everyone in Hamilton fandom has probably seen (though I'm always up for seeing that picture of Lin in full costume sitting at his laptop during a tech rehearsal!) and new photos (special love to all the dressing room shots).

The content is a mix of things: the full libretto (extensively annotated by Lin), a few cut songs/lyrics (the full Adams Administration takedown, the Cabinet battle over slavery), and essays about the cast, the development of the show, the influence and work of various people (the chapter before Hurricane is primarily about the lighting design and it's fantastic), Lin's writing process, and the impact of the show, with a particularly moving section on the student matinees.

Some things that particularly hit me: Lin's description of Leslie and why he's perfect for the role of Burr ("He is cool, his blood runs cool, he is elegant. It sounds like I'm reverse-describing myself as feral monster. Anyway he's my opposite."); every single description of Phillipa Soo (Pippa and her performance of Eliza means everything to me); Vanessa Nadal-Miranda's favorite line in the show is "I'm a trust fund, baby, you can trust me"; everything about the description of recording the cast album; there is quite a bit of confusion over when Lin-Manuel actually got the idea for a hip-hop musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton; in early workshops Lin sold Chernow on the idea that he had Hamilton, Laurens, Lafayette, and Mulligan meeting in 1776 out of dramatic necessity, but admits that he actually just forgot they hadn't met yet (lol).

And as for the essay immediately preceeding It's Quiet Uptown and the fact that it's the only song in the book completely unannotated . . . I needed to take a breather after that part, let's put it that way.

Another quote: "Keep it in mind the next time you go to the theater: Some gifted men and women have built a community in that room, and the immigrant is you."

Five stars out of five. I'd rank it higher if it wouldn't break the ranking system.
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GUYS. I now own a Kindle!

It's the cheapest and therefore most basic model and I only managed to get it because Amazon gave me a ridiculous discount, but who cares? It's AWESOME. I am possibly the last person on the Internet to buy a dedicated ebook reader.

I have named her Clara, because she's both new and shiny and also a throwback.
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I have received my Christmas present from my bb brother!

He's let having a good job go to his head. I'm not complaining in the least.

So obviously I immediately put on the Pogues DVD.

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'Cause I haven't done one of these in a while.

From [ profile] fannish5:

Five favorite comfort reads: books or stories you turn to when you're sick or feeling down.

In no particular order, and coincidentally also (mostly) the books I own that are most falling apart:
- The Princess Bride
- The Sandman: A Parliament Of Rooks
- Animorphs: Megamorphs #2: In The Time Of Dinosaurs
- The Phantom Tollbooth
- Discworld: Guards, Guards!

I don't know what this list says about me.
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- I have Internet back! WOO! And LJ is also back! Also woo! Stop leaving me, Internet access and LJ! I have dependencies!

- I now own a full-length black duster. We will not discuss the fact that it is early August, regularly reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and also southern Virginia. The point is that I now own a full-length black duster and this makes me happy even if I can't wear it for a few more months. (It was $15 at a CHKD thrift store. I can't resist that, okay.)

- New Doctor Who trailer! It is almost the same as the ComiCon trailer but not exactly and those not exactly bits are EXCITING and AWESOME. PTERODACTYLS, MAN.

- I received a $25 B&N gift card from my Secret Santa for my place of employment's Christmas In August thing. NEW BOOKS! Now I just have to find time and a bus route to get to a Barnes & Noble!

- *meaningless flail*
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Bullet points!

♠ I put my name on the AO3 waiting list, so we'll see what happens when that comes through and I actually have to. You know. Do stuff.

♠ I have officially booked a hotel room for this Wednesday. With check-in/check-out times it'll be more like 19 hours than 24, but that will still be immensely helpful. Isolation ♥♥♥ [/antisocial]

♠ Today I hit up a Borders clearance sale. And it's not that I'm happy they're going bankrupt, because I'm not, at all, it's really sad when bookstores can't stay open. But I did walk away with ~$80 worth of books and paid less than $8 for the lot. ...There was not a lot left on the shelves or I would've probably spent more than that. But y'know.

♠ There are evidently massive Doctor Who spoilers going around, and I would just like to alert everyone that, as much as a spoilerphile as I am, I would still appreciate not being spoiled about this. Please and thank you.

♠ Sometimes I feel sad and then I remember that I live in a world where Neil Gaiman wrote a Doctor Who episode and everything's shiny again. This is an oversimplification but nevertheless true.


♠ I have finished Vol. 1 of The Swamp Thing and find myself getting annoyed by Alec Holland's unceasing emo. I suspect this is in part because every issue seems to feel the need to recap the first issue and I get frustrated at being repeatedly reminded of stuff I already know. (Also, they footnote everything. "After X happened, we knew we had to do Y!*" "*ed. note: as seen in issue #12" and I'm sure this was probably helpful to people reading one issue a month or whatever but for someone going at a faster rate OMG IT IS SO ANNOYING.) Also Matt and Abby have been MIA for much of the latter part of the volume which is frustrating because I find myself caring more about them than about the Swamp Thing himself. Maybe Vol. 2 will be an easier read?

♠ That was a really long bullet point, I'm sorry. Evidently I have more ~feelings about old comics than I suspected myself of.

...edited to fix tags and close a parentheses. *facepalm*
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Look what came in the mail today!!! SO EXCITED. Also, the covers look way better in person then they do in pictures. Creepy and unsettling the way morphing should be.

I'm actually really impressed by how they handled re-editing the text. I've only finished reading The Invasion, but so far the only changes I've noticed have been continuity-based, not time-period-based -- the KASU about how thought-speak works has been fixed, and Elfangor and Visser Three's first conversation has been edited to be canon-compliant with The Andalite Chronicles, and it's all very low-key and close to the original. Admittedly there aren't a lot of pop culture references or contemporary tech in that one to be updated, but what's there stayed the same.

I do wonder how they're going to manage book #16, though.

ETA: Okay, into book two and hit a tech update. 'listening to your CD player' has been replaced with 'listening to music', which, if they have to update, I approve of; it takes out the archaic 'CD player' reference, since I doubt there's a lot of preteen kids running around with portable CD players these days, but doesn't insert 'mp3 player' or 'iPod' so I can still pretend this is happening in the 90s. It's vague in a good way.
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Warning: Excessive Animorphs squee and flail ahead.

Seriously, guys, if you have any love for Animorphs at all, go check out Scholastic's new website. They have pictures of all the cover models so you can actually see what they look like!

(Verdict: The Tobias model is...ehhhh. :| But oh man I really love the new Rachel model. She's perfect. Marco is awful. At least he's smirking, that's a good sign, but other than that he doesn't look like Marco at all. Cassie is almost perfect but needs a haircut; Cassie does not have long hair. Jake is fine, I have no strong feelings about him either way.)

slightly more spoilery thoughts from the character profiles. Can you have spoilers for a nineties kids' book series that is now being updated for the new millennium? )

The "morph a character" animations are...pretty ridiculously awful.

According to the "Which morph are you?" quiz, I'm Tobias. COLOR ME SURPRISED.

The discussion guide is fantastic, omg. I'm laughing to myself about the questions so much. So so much.

Also, the official book trailer, which is also hilarious and awesome, and you can order the first two books from Scholastic's website and they'll ship now, despite Amazon listing them as not released until May; a few people on [ profile] animorphs have already gotten their copies. (I just ordered mine today and I am so excited omg. When they get here you will be subjected to even more of my dorkish nineties-kid squee.)

You know, I thought I was past this stage in my life but evidently not: I LOVE YOU, SCHOLASTIC.
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So apparently Borders is declaring bankruptcy and closing a bunch of bookstores, which is actually pretty sad. I remember when I was a kid and the only major bookstore I had regular access to was the WaldenBooks at the local mall. And then Borders bought them out and they were still WaldenBooks, technically, but with different rewards cards and a website and a new store layout. And then a couple years ago they closed and I stopped considering that mall to be a mall (you can't be a shopping mall without a bookstore, okay, you can't). And then six months or so ago they opened a Borders Express in that mall and I begrudgingly let them reclaim the title. And then last time I went which was like a month or two ago they were having a going-out-of-business clearance sale, which was...ridiculous, they'd been there about five months.

Which is a roundabout way of saying that it makes me sad when bookstores close.

(Also sad: that the more-local independent bookstore sucks and only wants your business if you know exactly what you want and spend under five minutes finding and purchasing it. You are an independent bookstore. You are supposed to encourage browsing and community and people who enjoy looking for a book when they're not sure exactly what they want to buy and whatever.)
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Meme! Snagged from [ profile] calapine

The Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen authors (poets [and comic book authors] included)* who've influenced you and that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. Tag everyone, because I'm interested in seeing what authors my friends choose.

In no particular order:

1. Neil Gaiman
2. Douglas Adams
3. Diane Duane
4. K.A. Applegate
5. James Joyce
6. Terry Pratchett
7. C.S. Lewis
8. Louisa May Alcott
9. Roald Dahl
10. S.E. Hinton
11. Madeleine L'Engle
12. Shel Silverstein
13. William Gibson
14. Ray Bradbury
15. Emily Dickinson
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Tobias turned. Turned to look at me.
<Tobias, it's me, Rachel. Listen to me, it's Rachel.>
I was using one paw to hold my own wound closed. The pain was intense. But the fear was greater. I saw the look in Tobias's eyes.
<Tobias, you are human. You are human. Get control of the morph!>
He advanced toward me. He was hungry. The others advanced just a step behind him.
<Tobias! Listen to me. You are a human being! It's me, Rachel. Your friend. You are human, you ...>
No, I realized. No, that was wrong, wasn't it?
<Tobias. You are a hawk. You are a red-tailed hawk. Remember your wings? Remember flying? Flying high on the thermals?>
His deadly jaw was inches away. He stopped. He tilted his head. And suddenly, his entire body seemed to shudder.
<Rachel?> he said.
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Day 14 ♥ A non-fictional book

In Search Of Schrödinger's Cat: Quantum Physics and Reality by John Gribbin. It's the specifics of quantum theory explained for people who don't like math. It's like it was written just for me! <3

Gribbin covers the history of the theory as well as the basics of quantum physics. There's some math (obviously) but not enough to scare off people like me who have an aversion to too many numbers. And he has a fab, engaging writing style that's really easy and fun to keep up with.

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Day 13 ♥ A fictional book

*pokes at bookshelf* Hmm.

I'm going to rec you guys "Fragile Things" by Neil Gaiman. It's a short story collection and it's fantastic. Favorites: "Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire", which is just indescribable in its awesomeness; "The Flints Of Memory Lane", which may be my favorite ghost story ever; "Fifteen Painted Cards From A Vampire Tarot", which does fabulous things to vampire mythology; and "The Day The Saucers Came", which, again, defies summation.

Srsly, go read.

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Day 04 ♥ Your favourite book

This is a terrible prompt, what the hell. How can anyone have one favorite book?


All right, there are many many candidates, all equally worthy, but at the moment I'm going to go with 'The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul', by Douglas Adams. It's definitely in my top-5 most-reread-books list.

I'm kind of in love with Dirk Gently in general, and this is (to me?) by far the superior DG offering. Kate is FANTASTIC. I love her. I want to be Kate someday. The plot is bizarre but awesome, the writing features a number of fabulous lines (the ramble about how ugly airports are being among my favorite), and even the minor characters are memorable and lovely.

Also, the god of guilt.

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I'm up to 362 icon spaces filled. This is a bit ridiculous, but I love it.


I can't decide whether to start writing this cyberpunk original fic 'verse or just do worldbuilding stuff for now and save the actual writing for this year's NaNo. HI INDECISIVENESS. doesn't have a plot yet. Just worldbuilding and character stuff. I'm pretty sure this is one story that is going to need a plot, unlike Most Everything Else I write.


I don't know if I've ever talked about my Discworld-collecting tendencies in detail here. So here's the thing: I am a very sporadic buyer of Discworld novels. I buy whichever one looks most interesting to me when I'm standing in the bookstore, is the basic gist. Which amounts to buying them in an order that makes no logical sense. The awesome thing about this is getting to know characters really well from their later appearances and then going back and reading their first appearance for the first time, when they were less developed and the concept wasn't quite the same. Really, it's awesome. ♥


Someone needs to make an Amy Pond fanvid to "Once In Love With Amy". Although probably not until we've got decent footage of her snogging someone. BUT STILL.


End of post.
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My copy of Changes arrived today.

I am maybe a little afraid of reading it.

...maybe I will finish my YW reread first!
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So I just claimed a prompt over at [ profile] lgbtfest. SO WE'LL SEE HOW THAT WORKS OUT. [/has not posted a fic in over a year now and has never written fic for this particular fandom]

Excitingly, my copy of A Wizard Of Mars arrived today and I am ridic excited about it and I have been waiting like six years for it and I can't decide whether to indulge in a fast read because I waaaaaaaant it or try to make it last me for a while. ...I am so bad with new books. Intellectually I realize that they are a pleasure that should be savored, but then I start reading and going "OMG I wanna know what happens next!!!" and wind up blowing through them far too fast.

Shallowly, it is shiny and has a fabulous cover image.

This pretty much destroys my plans of rereading the series before reading the new book, you realize.

...Hullo, my name is Chica and I have the attention span of a goldfish on cocaine.
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I am rereading the Young Wizards books in preparation for A Wizard Of Mars. I love [ profile] dduane's brain.

Anyway, the point is, I was doing this with the goal of finishing Wizards At War in time for the April release, but today I got a shipping notice that my copy is currently winging its way towards me, well ahead of when I expected. Which is cool and awesome and shiny but probably I will not finish my reread by the time it gets here, given that I've just started Deep Wizardry. The best-laid plans of mice and men, etc.

...hey, there's an hour until new LOST.