chicafrom3: photo of the TARDIS (tv: dw: 12/bill)
Hello, Bill, I love you already.

There's a lot to love in this episode even besides the new companion, but c'mon, it's a new companion episode -- really it's all about Bill. And I love her. She's so eager and earnest and kind, and she sees the world in such a different way than most people -- she initially assumes the TARDIS is a hidden room off the Doctor's study, and then that it's also a lift, which is a perfectly reasonable assumption to make based on the evidence, just completely wrong. She gives her crush extra chips as a way of expressing her feelings; she grabs an umbrella to use as a weapon; she loves sci-fi and draws on her experience with it to understand what's happening to her; she's the one who realizes that Heather is chasing them because Bill made her promise not to leave without her. She wants to learn things so badly!

The moment at the end when the Doctor tries to mindwipe her broke my heart -- first with Bill desperately bargaining to be allowed to keep her memories (for a week. A day. One night.) and then with the Doctor's face when she asks him to imagine someone doing it to him (and Clara's theme plays quietly, my heart) -- and I'm so glad it ended the way it did. (Moffat does not like involuntary mindwipes, does he?)

Other things:

I quite like Nardole so far and I really enjoyed the small moments between him and Bill; I hope we get to see their relationship develop more, because I feel like they could have a great comedic chemistry and friendship.

The pictures of Susan and River! The Doctor telling them to shut up because he doesn't want to deal with regretting sending Bill away! Sonic screwdrivers!

Actually everything about Heather. She didn't get a whole lot of character development but she got enough to make it understandable why Bill had a crush on her, and the development of the monster of the week was creepy and spooky right up until the big reveal at which point it became heartbreaking and wonderful. It's unlikely we'll see her again but I'm going to hold out hope anyway. (Also hoping Bill gets a girlfriend who doesn't turn into water and fly away in an alien spaceship.)

The Doctor's Christmas present for Bill, it moved me deeply, he's such a softie even when he's trying hard not to be. (Wondering when Bill's going to confront him about it, though, because I can't believe that she won't.)

Honestly I was predisposed to love this episode just because DOCTOR WHO IS FINALLY BACK ♥♥♥

Also I love everything about the coming-up-this-season trailer. ♥
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