chicafrom3: photo of the TARDIS (tv: gmw: maya/riley)
As much as I like Lucas/Smackle and Zay/Smackle and Lucas/Smackle/Zay, after this episode I will be disappointed if Farkle and Smackle don't stay together forever. They're clearly the real equivalent to Cory and Topanga in this series. "THANK YOU, WE ARE SMARKLE."

The show specifically reinforcing the (admittedly obvious) fact that Riley/Maya is a) more important and b) more likely to last than Riley/Lucas is ♥♥♥; meanwhile Lucas and Zay are being adorable together (and Zay's being adorable on his own as well, tbh, that bit with Smackle crashing like a laptop was wonderful), and the overall message appears to be that friendships > romance.

And then they end with a painful reveal from Topanga.

Next week: most likely they'll drag out the decision-making for the whole episode and at the end Topanga will decide not to take the promotion or her firm will decide to make her a partner in New York or something else that results in the Matthews staying in New York, but I will still cry because it's the final episode of the show unless those talks with Netflix and Hulu pan out.

One episode left. :(