chicafrom3: photo of the TARDIS (tv: dw: 12/bill)
That was not what I expected, rather underwhelming, and also really good.

I mean, I'd like to say it was great, my new favorite Christmas special, but what I actually mean is that it was really good. I liked the characters, and the way Grant and Lucy's relationship developed, and the Doctor's understated grief over River, and it had a number of sweet and/or funny moments.

The villains were kind of dull, but that's basically my only real criticism.

Well, that and the fact that BBC America led into TRODM straight from Heaven Sent, when it would have made much more sense to arrange the marathon schedule to go into TRODM from THORS. But that's not the episode's fault.

So it was good! It was just also oddly unmemorable. I'd place it pretty solidly in the middle ranking of Doctor Who Christmas specials; rewatchable but probably not something I'd make a decision to seek out in order to rewatch.

And then there was the season 10 teaser.

I hope someone somewhere on the Internet is breaking it down/has already broken it down into its constituent parts because between the glee over sustained Bill footage and the way it was edited I'm sure I missed most of it.

But, dude, seriously, BILL. I'm so looking forward to her and finding out everything about her and seeing what she and the Doctor are like together.

I'm ready for the change!