chicafrom3: photo of the TARDIS (tv: dw: polly/ben)
Dammit, Janley. Why does everyone always think they can control the Daleks when they quite obviously can't? And meanwhile Lesterson's so far gone as to be completely useless. "You wouldn't kill me. I gave you life." You poor idiot.

There's some very odd staging decisions in this episode. I mean, that's been true throughout and is probably a direct result of animators working off a sometimes-unclear audio track and not much else, but it's particularly striking in places here. For example, the scene at the beginning, where the Doctor, Polly, and Quinn are headed towards the detention area and are stopped by a couple Daleks -- the staging robs the confrontation of any sense of urgency or threat, and on top of that it's just weird.

The Daleks being blown up at the end is done brilliantly, though. That's got some real urgency and malicious delight to it. And it's immediately followed by the utterly delightful scene of Valmar confronting the Doctor about the damage he's done to the colony in saving it, which isn't particularly well-animated but is such an excellently constructed scene that it doesn't matter. "Doctor, you did know what you were doing, didn't you?"

Taking the serial as a whole, there's enough to like to make up for the frequently dodgy and unsettling animation. It's a great set of episodes, and the animation has (admittedly infrequent) moments of brilliance, and...yeah, recommended, albeit with caveats.

Happy Christmas Eve/first day of Hanukkah/Dec 24, everyone! I'm off to do some Yuletide reading now!
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