chicafrom3: photo of the TARDIS (tv: dw: 1/steven/dodo)
This may be weird, but Valmar answering the phone was one of the most Uncanny Valley things I've ever seen on a screen. What was going on with his hand?!

Lesterson's breakdown is a fantastic moment. "More important than human life?! No, no, I won't believe that!" And Janley manipulating him into continuing. I don't know, it's just very believable that he had good intentions and completely screwed everything up, which is not always the case with the Daleks' manipulated victims. You actually feel a little bad for him. (But not too bad, because, I mean, the Doctor DID warn you, you idiot.)

Janley, on the other hand, is the more straightforward "no, I can totally control these super-powerful evil robots, I have nothing to worry about" type.

Meanwhile the Doctor and Ben are off to find Polly and also gather up clues to figure out how best to defeat the Daleks no one else believes are a threat. They don't do a terribly good job at either task, bless. "Murder's a much worse crime than impersonation!" "Yes, but you can't prove that I murdered him, while I can prove that you're impersonating him." "..."

That leads to Two's blase reveal of Team TARDIS's real identity to Quinn, which is an excellent, odd little scene that I love, particularly since Quinn just skips over "well then how can I trust that you're telling me the truth" and instead goes straight to "when I get my hands on Bragen..." Quinn has his priorities in order, that's all I'm saying here.

The ending scene with Lesterson completely falling apart when he sees the obscene number of Daleks is excellently done. One of the best bits of animation so far, imo; Lesterson is actually emoting via facial expressions!