chicafrom3: photo of the TARDIS (tv: dw: romans!barbara)
I'm almost warming up to the animation style.


The scene of the Doctor sneaking over to mess with the controls while the Dalek recites the first law of thermodynamics is startlingly well done, I love his facial expressions.

Ben has the best plans. The Doctor and Polly should listen to him more. Kidnapping Lesterson! Perfect solution! I just really get a kick out of Ben trying to get to the simplest answer and not quite making it.

And then Polly tries to Get Things Done and instead gets kidnapped, boo. Had to happen, though; is it really a Classic Who serial if a companion doesn't get abducted by the bad guys at some point? Fortunately, it leads to Ben being intensely worried and defending her competency and giving me shippy Ben/Polly feelings, so. (And then the Doctor waves him away with "she's looking around, she's interested", which is lovely in a different way. I love Polly Wright a lot, okay, it makes me happy that the Doctor and Ben do, too.)

I really do adore the way the design for the Daleks looks in motion. It's perfect. They're so menacing!