chicafrom3: photo of the TARDIS (tv: dw: polly/ben)
The animation style is aggressively unpleasant, but I'm fairly sure that's deliberate. And on paper, the idea of reconstructing a lost Doctor Who serial in the style of a low-budget '60s cartoon is brilliant! It's just also often difficult to watch. That was the least convincing dude-dies-of-unexpected-gunshot-wound I've ever seen, and I've seen some very unconvincing gunshot deaths in my time. Also, I'm not sure cartoon!Ben has any bones in his neck.

That said, there's more than enough here to make up for that! Starting with the fact that it's Two&Ben&Polly, one of my top five favorite TARDIS teams. They're so great. They play off each other so well.

There's also the excellent weirdness of the regeneration ("renewal") and how it's handled. The Doctor's initial disorientation giving way to frankly odd behavior (most notably referring to himself in the third person, as Ben repeatedly notes) and Ben and Polly's complete inability to get their heads around it, not helped by his incoherent explanation. (He gets only slightly better at this in future regenerations!) This later gets retconned into 'regeneration sickness' and stuck to more of a script, but it's so much more unsettling here! In a good way!

Also, the Dalek reveal at the end of this episode is GREAT. It would be greater if the name of this serial wasn't "Power of the Daleks", but that's the price I pay for not having been alive in the UK in the mid-sixties, I guess.

On an only slightly related note, I'm pleased BBCA is airing this serial one episode per week. The way it was meant to be seen! (I say that and then every time I watch Classic Who on my own time I bingewatch at least one serial in a sitting.)
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